Venicci Pure 2.0- Rose 3 in 1 Travel System and Bundle + Free Play Gym

Light Grey


Pram/Pushchair Bundles and Travel Systems

Discover a new style Venicci Pure collection. Designed with love. From innovative technology to the unique gorgeous design. Create an iconic look with our pram. Perfection is when the project has all the ingredients needed and nothing more than that and this is what our Pure prams are. They constitute a set of brilliant, practical and simple ideas. We put safety, comfort and aesthetics first. No compromises.

The most stylish changing bag...

In the Pure collection, you will find a stylish, matching changing bag. There are two options for the handles: short and long ones so you can carry your bag in the way you like.

The one and only iconic model...

We're proud to present our bestselling Pure collection in the new way. We've introduced new, technological solutions such as improved folding mechanism keeping still the iconic look of our pram.

The selection of materials...

The choice of perfect fabrics for a new pram takes weeks or even months of our designers’ work.

Whats included?
  • Frame,
  • Carrycot,
  • Seat unit,
  • Car Seat,
  • Changing bag,
  • Footmuff,
  • Raincover,
  • Mosquito net,
  • Cup holder,
  • Car Seat Adapters,
  • Solid wheels,
  • Back wheels covers


Dimensions and weights

  • L: 102CM | W: 51CM | H: 110CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 13KG


Car seat:

  • L: 96CM | W: 51CM | H: 115CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 11.3KG


Seat unit: 

  • L: 97CM | W: 51CM | H: 112CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 13KG


Chassis (without wheels):

  • L: 82CM | W: 50CM | H: 25CM



Aluminium frame

  • Aluminium alloy significantly reduce total weight and makes pram unusual light-weighted and easy to push. 


5 - point harness 

  • Venicci seat unit features 5 - point harness preventing the child from the risk of falling out of the seat unit.



  • An innovative letherette boasts of high anti-allergenic specs, doesn’t overheat in the sun and doesn’t grow hard in the cold.


UV 50+ fabric 

  • Walk with no worries. We take care of your child’s protection. The sun UV 50+ filter is a special, permanent protection from sun’s damaging radiations.


Water repellent 

  • Fabrics with a special water-repellent impregnation designed to keep your child safe and different weather conditions.


Rotary front wheels 360 degrees 

  • Simplicity makes life easier. The front wheels can move in any direction that you need to go. Get ready for a walk!


SAS- Shock Absorption System

  • The Shock Absorption System is in place to prevent the frame from shaking when pushed through the rough terrain.


DMS- Direction Memory System

  • The DMS prevents the front wheels from spinning, when the front of the frame is lifted up on to another surface.



  • 3in1 Travel System includes: Carry Cot & Seat Unit & Car Seat
  • 2in1 includes: Carry Cot & Seat Unit

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