Who We Are

 Baby Island are baby care experts and caring hands that have been in the nursery goods industry for almost two decades.
Due to the delicacy of your little ones, we have been retailing products manufactured by the top trusted brands based on two vital factors. Firstly, their items ensure practicality, safety, and comfortability; additionally, manufacturers conduct top-notch quality testing, which we later inspect at annual nursery brand exhibitions and when the products arrive to our store.  Note that if a slight fault is found, we discard the item immediately. 
Even though we stock an entire island of baby care products such as prams to bibs to changing tables, we also handpick which products we know will meet the specification and demands of our wide-ranged customers by constantly reviewing their feedback.  
As the retail world is fast-changing, we recently decided to rebrand to ensure our services are up to date and contemporary. However, since then and now, our main aim still stands. We want to make sure that when our customers are shopping for their newborn, toddler, or even both at the same time, that this experience is simple, stress-free and enjoyable. As it's not just your bubba that deserves the best care, but it is also you!
To execute this, we offer 12-hour online support through emails and live chats on WhatsApp, directing you to the two leading expert advisors of our company. We also provide one-to-one customer support when you visit our store, located on a traffic-free high street in Hackney. Not to fear, whichever member of our team our customers communicate with, it is guaranteed that there will always be a friendly voice on the other end of the conversation. Furthermore, to ensure your visits are time effective, we have appointment sheets available where you can describe your query so that we can prepare for your visit accordingly. 
We understand that some products can be quite costly; due to this, we try our best to stock a mass number and variety of products so that you have the opportunity to test and feel out the items that have caught your eye from our site before purchasing. Furthermore, we actively come up with new innovative ways to ensure our products are affordable and cost-effective. Additional support we provide is online instruction videos demonstrating how to assemble products as we understand that this can be quite tricky. 
Overall throughout our years in the industry, we have been flooded with lots of positive feedback. This has been due to our excellent customer service, careful consideration for customers' needs and providing an easy shopping experience.
Baby Island hopes to continue this and looks forward to your visit to our store soon!